Back in Spain

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Back in Moaña. Part of the team gathered for a photo. Beni Nerga, David Middleton, Lúa, Loli, Montse, …. and some students are missing in the photo. We were all proud of the work done and the award received.  Happy of having shared experiences in a festival that no one will ever forget. Thanks to […]


Last days. Angers and farewell !!!


The stress was over and we still had two days more to truly enjoy France. On Friday we went to Angers. We visited the old town with its impressive castle, the cathedral, the Museum of fine arts and beautiful houses like  Adam house, only two minutes away from the cathedral. Finalizados los días de stress, […]



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Foto; Ouest-France And the closing ceremony of the festival with the announcement of the awards had arrived. Había llegado el momento de la ceremonia de clausura con el anuncio y entrega de premios al mejor corto, mejor obra teatral,  premio al mejor corto otorgado por el jurado profesional compuesto por Mehdi Charef e Isabelle Ingold […]


Thursday morning. A bit of free time at last!!!

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  Thursday morning was the first day we had a bit of free time. We first met at the cinema again to see an extract of some of the work done by the saftas team and then  bit of free time De nuevo al cine para ver algunos de los momentos destacados de nuestro proyecto. […]


Theatre plays. THE CHOICE

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Wednesday afternoon is the turn for the theatre plays. The Spanish team is the first to perform. No problem. Everything under control, except for the shirt and tie of the president! Por la tarde era el turno de las representaciones teatrales. Acordamos que mejor, sin duda estariamos menos nerviosos que al final de la muestra. […]


1st European Festival Saftas Erasmus+ – Press release Nea Peramos Senior High School

Greece Mobility C5, La Fleche, Pays de la Loire, France Press Greece

Kαι το βραβείο καλύτερης ταινίας του ευρωπαϊκού φεστιβάλ SAFTAS Erasmus+ πάει στο …  Γενικό Λύκειο Νέας Περάμου Kαβάλας για την ταινία Generation Gap… Revisited Bravo!!! H ταινία μικρού μήκους Generation Gap… Revisited του Γενικού Λυκείου Νέας Περάμου Καβάλας απέσπασε το βραβείο καλύτερης ταινίας της κριτικής επιτροπής SAFTAS στο ευρωπαϊκό μαθητικό φεστιβάλ κινηματογράφου και θεάτρου, που πραγματοποιήθηκε από […]

Exhibition of the films. THEME: GENERATION GAP

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On Wednesday morning we met at the cinema to watch the 6 short films from the countries involved in the project.   Nos encontramos a las 9 a.m. en el cine para ver la proyección de los cortos preparados  por los 6 países que formamos parte del proyecto. Los trabajos fueron presentados por  alumnxs de […]


The winning play: The Choice

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….and the jury prize in the Theater category goes to the Italy team of the Istituto Gentileschi. During the Final Festival Saftas Erasmus + in La Flèche, the jury awarded the first prize to the play “The Choice”, staged by the team of the Istituto Gentileschi of Naples: a great success for the last act of the […]


THE WINNING MOVIE :” Generation Gap Revisitited” GREECE

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And here are the prizes for cinema in the final festival Saftas Erasmus +. Jury committee prize goes to Greece Nea Peramos Senior High School. GENERATION GAP… REVISITED Κλακέτα και … πάμε! Όταν στις αρχές του χρόνου, οι Γάλλοι συντονιστές του προγράμματος Saftas Erasmus + ανακοίνωσαν το κοινό θέμα των ταινιών μικρού μήκους του Φεστιβάλ, […]