Festival – Greece mobility evening event

Mobility C4, Nea Peramos, Kavala, Greece

4th day of the mobility Thursday 30th of March – Festival

On Thursday 30th March Nea Peramos Senior High School and all SAFTAS participants welcomed Nea Peramos Junior and Senior High School’s students, teachers, parents, local guests and the wider audience to the school’s venue. There, the event started with songs from the local choir of the Cultural Association of Nea Peramos. Then, Saftas masters of ceremony presented to the audience: a. filmed extracts from the countries’ performances in Philippi, b. filmed extracts from Love and Information from the six countries, c. the two-characters’ theatre scenes performed by the mixed student groups and d. the short film “Nea Peramos, My Love”, that the film crew had finished editing by early afternoon.

Two characters

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