Film – making workshop

Mobility C4, Nea Peramos, Kavala, Greece

The workshop started on 27th March and ended on 30th. With the guidance of Sandrine Weil, cinema teacher of LPO d’Estournelles de Constant, 12 students (2 from each participating country) and 5 teachers set out to turn a script that the Greek team had prepared for the workshop into a short film. The making of the film, after getting the film script, entailed:
• Film scouting in the seafront and outskirts of Nea Peramos
• Deciding on an elaborate storyboard
• Allocating roles(film technicians, director, assistant director, actors)
• Rehearsing
• Shooting
• Editing
The film was shown to teachers, students, parents and wider audience on the last day of the workshop during the evening event. The whole activity aimed at helping the students actively participate in the whole process of filmmaking, from scriptwriting and creating a storyboard to shooting and editing. It also wished to familiarize students with basic and more advanced techniques of shooting and film making in general.

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