SAFTAS performances in the ancient Greek theatre of Philippi

Mobility C4, Nea Peramos, Kavala, Greece

3rd day of the mobility Wednesday 29th March – Theater

On Wednesday 29th March the whole SAFTAS group of students and teachers went to the ancient theatre of Philippi in the archeological site of the area. After all countries’ spot rehearsals, each country staged a theatrical scene from a classical play of the international repertoire. This activity had been planned in November 2016 and the scenes had been selected, studied and rehearsed by each country’s members before the SAFTAS meeting in Greece. Also, the plays’ synopses and the actual written scenes had been forwarded from each country to all the others so that everyone had the chance to study them and prepare themselves for the performances as an audience.
The countries chose to present scenes from the following plays:
France: ‘The Tartuffe’ by Molière
Greece: ‘The Birds’ by Aristophanes, a dialogic and a chorus part
Italy: ‘Six Characters in Search of an Author’ by Luigi Pirandello
Poland: ‘A Night Out’ by O. Henry
Spain: ‘Picnic on the battlefield’ by Fernando Arrabal
Turkey: ‘Looking up at the stars’ by Behcet Necatigil

Ancient Greek theatre of Philippi


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