Scriptwriting workshop by Mr Iosifelis

Mobility C4, Nea Peramos, Kavala, Greece

1st day of the mobility Monday 27th of March

Dr. Panayiotis Iosifelis, professor of scriptwriting in the Cinematography Department of the School of Fine Arts in Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki, worked with 4 multi-cultural groups of 6 students (two from each visiting country and ten from host country). He familiarized them with the guiding principles of scriptwriting and helped them turn their basic script ideas into actual scripts for short films. Six teachers from the six partner schools attended the workshop as observers, commentators and facilitators in the process. Students in groups collectively created a basic film script.
The workshop was in two parts (10:30 – 12:30, 13:00 – 15:00) and in it:
• Students constructed a basic script idea in their groups
• They presented their ideas to the other groups and to the professor.
• The professor discussed with students the principles and idiosyncrasies of film scripts based on the students’ script ideas.
• The professor facilitated students and they collaborated in processing their ideas.
• They turned their ideas into an actual script.
The workshop aimed at helping students
• understand the underlying principles of scriptwriting,
• apply these principles to their own script drafts and develop them into short film scripts
• creatively co-operate in multi-cultural groups towards the common goal of constructing their group scripts.

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