Theater workshop

Mobility C4, Nea Peramos, Kavala, Greece

2nd day of the mobility Tuesday 28th of March

Activity A – Theater

20 students (2 from each of the five visiting countries, 10 from Greece) and 6 teachers from each country participated in the theatre workshop conducted by Lena Petropoulou – theatre practitioner, actor & director, and Tassos Papadopoulos – actor & choreographer.
The workshop aimed at initiating the group to stage performance and facilitating them in staging the theatre scripts each of the participating countries had developed at home and brought to Nea Peramos meeting. The scripts involved the encounter of two or more characters from different classical plays in a new context. The activity included:
• Introductory activities: getting to know one another, trust-building activities
• building shared responsibilities: handling space, developing team spirit
• Improvisation
• Group discussion of the six theatre scripts
• Ideas on how to enhance the staging of the scripts
The workshop aimed at introducing participants to theatre making, to verbal and non-verbal expression, to theatre conventions and idiosyncrasies, and helping them find effective theatrical means to stage their own theatrical text.

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