International festival of short films FICBUEU 2017

Cinema Spain Spain
This week the FICBUEU is taking place.
The Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary from 9th to 16th September. Everyday about 4 or 5 short films are shown, and there are also a lot of parallel activities: interviews with directors and actors,  masterclasses, talks and a lot more.  afternoon some teachers were in  the audience of the recording of the programme “El septimo vicio” for Radio 3, which will be broadcast this week.  It held  interviews to two international filmmakers and  the Spanish Alberto Taibo who participates in FICBUEU and was  complemented with live music by the musician, teacher  and member of the SAFTAS GROUP at  AS BARXAS  Seso Durán.
Fantastic experience.
We enjoyed the short films too and when we were leaving, David Henández, the photography teacher we had last year (Erasmus group) and who is collaborating with the festival, took us this nice photo.

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