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Yesterday we spent the day in Boiro at the Festival Olloboi, where teachers and students attended different workshops in the morning with great speakers such as Alfonso Zarauza (Os fenómenos), Manuel GonzálezCarlos AresSabela Hermida, and the guys from El metodo sueco.
After lunch we went to a shipyard, where we saw the film Crebinsky. Amazing spot to watch the movie and surprise, surprise both main actor ( Miguel de Lira) and director ( Enrique Otero ) were there to talk about different aspects of the film and  answer the audience’s questions.
The last stop of the day was the ceremony in which AS BARXAS got one of the most important prizes: the Zamburriori, which means a recognition to all the video work that has been made at  AS BARXAS.
It is really a shame more students couldn’t come, they would have enjoyed and learn a lot! Next time.

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