Cinema Spain

Although the  project won’t officially end until the 31st of August and that part of the team will still be doing some work during the first weeks of July, it will be difficult to meet as a group again (students going to University, teachers changing school,..) so the students decided to go  together to the cinema one more time and also chose a summer activity: canoeing, to celebrate the end of the academical year and the three year project.

Students and teachers had a delightful morning canoeing and having lunch at the beach. In the afternoon they all went to Vigo to see “With love, Simon” in VOS.

A brief debate was organised about the film.

Alumnos y profesores disfrutan de la útima actividad conjunta del grupo: asistir a la proyección de la película “Con amor, Simon” en versión original en los cines Yelmo. Quisieron también completar el día con un paseo en piragua por la Ría de Vigo.


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