“Secret”” by Caryl Churchill. SAFTAS. ERASMUS+

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I hope you are having a nice summer. We went on working when most of you started your summer holidays and we could finish the edition of the short piece our Saftas Students prepared to perform in Nea Peramos, Greece, during the spring festival. It is  brief but intense and very well performed by Raquel Paredes and Luzmar Cordeiro. Thank you to all the students involved in the project and specially to the ones working on this one.

Esta es obra de teatro que todos los países  prepararon para representar en Nea Peramos, Grecia, durante el festival de primavera. Se trata de un texto de la dramaturga británica Caryl Churchill. Es breve pero intensa y muy bien interpretada por Raquel Paredes y Luzmar Cordeiro. Gracias a todos los involucrados en el proyecto y especialmente a los que trabajaron en este.

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